Fresh bore rust patina processing?

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Oct 19, 2005
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What the accepted way to clean up storage humidity light patchy dusting of rust in lifter and piston bores before installing?
Likely finger rubbing would remove most, but seeking review of unknowns to be aware of.

I'm sorely tempted to dust bores with Bon Ami cleaner to polish up on run in.
TotalSeal Rings has 'special' dry break in powder to do the same thing as Chevorlet
told dealerships to do in early '50's with show room smokers.
Their prior suggestion when asked about dry ring install was to use WD/40.
hehe, if not gone on first combustion then it is on 2nd or 3rd hehe.

Just looked up Bon Ami, may have answered my own question, ... 00103.html

Hi Hobot,
If you are not planning on using the cylinder in the near future at least spray it down with WD-40 and/or some sort of motor oil, give it a good coating and store it where its dry.
If on the other hand you are ready to use it, I would assume that you would be prepping the bore with a cylinder hone, afterwhich you will be needing to clean it anyway. It has been my experience that part washers and their solvents won't do a complete job, to thoroughly clean honing residue from a cylinder requires a trip to the sink (kitchen if need be). I wash cylinders right in the sink with a brush and dish soap, give them a good soapy scubbing and a complete rinse. The next step is to oil the bore BEFORE you blow it or towel it dry.
Ah so, good point Geo, detergent wash first, duh- smack.
Solvents I've found just tend to drive oil deeper in pores.
Same with friction pads, detergent or mechanical cleaning for mime.
Bon Ami has been my friend and would just use it if for not all
the crevices outside bores to get clean too. Not much patina
yet so no big deal but an opportunity to learn more when it is.

Fresh honed last winter but set up in open box in home till now.
Its raw cast iron from shop the cleaning and needs black engine paint.
I got a good suggestion to put in a bucket of HCl-muratic acid
till sparkling no rust then neutralize in baking soda then dry and
have my way with it.

So off today for OIF phos acid pickle juice and HCl for some cement work too.

I use WD40 on scotchbrite to get surface rust off.

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