Frame Number plate

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Feb 8, 2004
Who sells the BLANK vin number plates. I need to do the total restoration on a primo bike but the frame number plate is faded out. No orange left. :?:
Hi dramos,

You need to get convicted of a felony to get access to the blanks ... :shock:

(There's a prison a mile from my house that makes some or all of California's plates).

Can you hand paint them back in?
I got mine (1971) from Walridge Motors Ltd, London, Ontario, Canada. They have them by year made so not all are the same.
VIN plates

Norvil also sells (certification) plates. Look under frame on their catalog alpha list. You must send them a copy of your registration paperwork and they will stamp the plate with the VIN #. they have five different plates with photos of them. The plate and stamping runs about 12 pounds plus postage.
You don't need to go thru the send registration stuff in for stamped new plate. I went to hardware store and bought the right number/letter size metal hand stamp set and did it myself using of course, the original plate for size of numbers/letters. Took 5 minutes and it was done, no big deal.
Blank plates (and the rivets) are available from most Norton parts dealers including Old Britts. There are different styles for different years, so be sure to provide them with the year of your bike. Number/letter stamps are available from most tool suppliers or you can probably borrow a set from your local machine shop.

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