Fork tube installation magic

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Jun 14, 2007
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Anybody got any?

I've had my tubes out and am reinstalling them. Left one came out easy and went back in the same way. Right one was a bear - took a soak in penetrating oil and a bit of pounding with a piece of wood and BFH.

Now left's in, and tube top is flush with top of top triple tree. Right tube top is a bit recessed. I've tried drawing it up with the nut, but unless the lower tree yoke is tightened, the tube just rotates so the nut doesn't draw it up - and if the yoke is tightened, the tube is held in place and so the nut still doesn't draw it up!

The offset isn't much but it doesn't seem right. Both tube tops were perfectly flush before.

Thanks - Brian
Something could be bent. Roll the tubes on something flat, or against each other. And or put the right in first to see if the left has the same problem.
Best of luck.
Fork leg

Hi Brian
I always wedge the bottom yoke open then use an old 2 piece clipon to pull them up. I believe there is now a tool on e bay but as the nuts are a different thread ie dommie/commando I have not bothered. Its a pig of a job on your own.
Good luck Chris
There's a thought Chris - I have an old set of clip-ons from my Duck, I'll see if those work. Thanks - B
Problem solved. In typical Norton fashion, the fork tube at one point simply stopped rotating and I was able to use the top nut to draw it up into the top yoke. Finished up the job, did the anti-stiction bounce and tighten sequence, and on to the next.....
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