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May 4, 2005
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Does anyone know what the right adjustment for the float bowl should be on an Amal concentric 932. I have a 74 850 that was running rich on both cylinders. I found an artical that suggests 0.080 of height between the top of the float bowl and the float with the valve just closed. I took apart both bowls and found their heights way off, almost flush with the top of the bowl. I adjusted the float to .08 and ran the bike for about half an hour or so and it seems to run better. I am now worried that it may run be running too lean. I have left all other adjustments as is. Has anyone tried this setting or should I return the float back to the way it was?
The .080 figure is correct, to get good tuning at tickover use a colourtune.

How is life nowadays in Montreal?

Used to live there, in 69. Saint Catherines. Worked on the island, near Expo at the fort. Played a bit of pipes for the tourists. Used to be a lot happening on Mountain Street..... :D
Montreal is great. A bit of a European feel in a North American city. Have you been back for a visit since then?
Not since about 77...drove my Commando up from south of Boston to visit friends that summer. It used to be really good there in Montréal for live music; saw all the big bands from back then...Lennon, Ozzie, Frank Zappa...too many to mention. There were concerts two or three times a week on the island. I will maybe get back there someday, still phone with a couple of friends.....will have to see. I do still have good memories of the city though.....best one I got to live in, and I have done time in NYC, Boston, London, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Tampa and a few weeks on other cities.....felt of all, most comfortable in Montreal...enjoy it!
If that does not work, check the float bowl gasket. This may be an obvious issue, but I just figured it out on my 72 Commando. The pin the float rides on had worn the gasket almost all the way through and was running rich. On throttle was ok, but off throttle or idle was miserable. With new gaskets, it runs great now. (probably obvious to the old timers, but the bike just finished teaching me about it... ...So how often do the rest of you usually need to replace them? Or is it so different from bike to bike that you just have to keep an eye on it periodically?)
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