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Dec 19, 2004
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A few years ago I was surfing through a list of Norton clubs. One of them had a tech article in which a guy had installed heat sensors in various places within his Commando engine. He then drove around under various riding conditions and recorded his oil temperatures.
Is there anyone out there who recognizes this article and knows where it can be found.
Help appreciated,
Tech article

Yep. I remember reading that article a couple of months ago. It was about different oil types and how they responded to heat. Quite interesting actually… I can’t find the website at the moment though, but I’m quite sure I made a print of the article, so if no one else can come up with the answer for you, I will most likely be able to find it within a day or two..

wow lucky.. that article is great! thanx for the find!

ive been doing a lot of studying on oils with other folks at in their forums.. my 94 audi has a 12v v6 and there are some folks on there that are very very knowlegable when it comes to oils, most of them doing similar lab analyzing and what not.

im recently taking my bike of the road and am planning a major overhaul.. im going to try and get some of this red line stuff and see how it works out
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