Fiberglass vs Steel tank liner

Dec 3, 2006
Is anyone sure of the correct procedure for lining 'glass tanks? I'm sure many of you must have experience with lining these tanks and would appreciate your input. I'm pretty well aquainted with the various suggested procedures for cleaning/removing rust/etching and lining steel tanks and have done quite a few, with excellent results. Great stuff.... (even the chopper guys sometimes manage to keep fuel inside their ......"hand crafted" tanks :roll: ). I've read various and often conflicting suggestions on 'glass tank lining. Which liners are actually proven suitable for fiberglass?...... After removing any fuel residue etc, how should these tanks be etched to ensure proper adhesion? A quick rinsing with acetone? This is an excellent tank and the goal is only to prevent any deterioration but after hearing of the many fiberglass tank lining disasters, I'd rather just not use it untill I come up with the "correct" lining method. Has anyone had very durable and lasting results lining these tanks?