fenders (well, mudguards)

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Feb 18, 2007
Would someone know what types of fenders were available for what years of Commando?
Information such as material (stainless versus chrome), and width (I think later models had a wider front, but I don't know what the width is supposed to be, or what year they changed).
Are the stainless mudguards true stainless or semi-stainless (such that a magnet will stick to them).
I've tried to search previous posts, but did not come up with the information I need.

Stainless mudguards/fenders were apparently introduced during 1972 on the Interstate model, and were commonly used for all models instead of chrome plate from around 1973-on.
They appear to be a magnetic type of stainless steel.

My own 850 Mk3 front guard is 4-3/4" wide.
I have found at least three different front mudguards and three different rear mudguards not including the Production Racer and Fastback fenders.

The '69-70 "S" model (and probably the elusive "R") had a chrome rear fender with an indent for the frame mounted tire pump. The front mudguard was chrome and narrow to fit the 3.60H-19 tire.

The '71-72? rear mudguard lost the indent. The front was chrome but wider in '72 to accept the 4.10H-19 rubber.

As L.A.B. points out sometime in '72 the change was made to the stainless.

The wide chrome front mudguard is very hard to find.

The above has been my observations and research. There may be records to indicate otherwise.
Wow, you guys are amazing. I think ‘encyclopedic’ would be an excellent compliment.

And Cash, not all ‘stainless’ steels are completely stainless nor non-magnetic. You can find this with stainless motorcycle brake disks. Eventually they can get rust marks (if you leave them outside and unused long enough) and they are magnetic. Look up 'stainless steel' on Wikipedia if you need a good read.

That's why I asked about the models/years for the different types. I have a somewhat beaten up (by P.O.) but corrosion free front fender. It is also wider than the front fenders listed in the Waldrige catalog and is a similar width as L.A.B.’s. (In the 4-3/4” to 5” range).

L.A.B. would you know where to get a wider than 4" stainless front fender?
teeb said:
L.A.B. would you know where to get a wider than 4" stainless front fender?

The 4-3/4" wide stainless mudguard/fender is a standard replacement part as far as I'm aware, so any Norton parts supplier should be able to get one for you, with either 2 or 4 holes for single or double stay fitting?

4 hole:(73-74 750/850)
http://www.nortonmotors.de/ANIL/Norton% ... 026&Part=1
(As far as I'm aware they are no longer drilled for the front number plate mountings??)

2 hole (850 Mk3)
http://www.nortonmotors.de/ANIL/Norton% ... 029&Part=1

Mike does carry the correct wide stainless fender. It is on page 73 of his online catalog p/n 06-3175.
Ron and L.A.B.
Thank you again, :D

Maybe that should be ‘a veritable cornucopia of information’.
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