fastback frame info

Sep 21, 2006
Any one know any good links to fastback frame info , as far as being different from a commy frame.

Thanks Seb
txnortonrdr said:
Any one know any good links to fastback frame info , as far as being different from a commy frame.

A 'Fastback' is a 'Commando' [commy?] the original model being known as a 'Commando' from the start of production, 'Fastback' being a nickname it picked up, but later proved useful to distinguish that particular body style from the later 'R' and 'S' (and other) models and so became the officially adopted name.

So frame differences are mainly related to production dates rather than model type, all models from a particular production period having the same frame, as far as I am aware.

Commando frames generally have their part number stamped on the front face of the left-hand fuel tank mounting bracket (in rather small digits) so that can help to identify a frame as being from a certain production period.

I see that you may have asked a similar question (under a different name) on another forum? But there you have included more information about what you actually needed to know - so a Fastback tank and seat kit should fit any 750 frame as far as I know.
Thanks for the info, Yes I did ask a similar question on another site. I figured with all the nortoneers out there I could get a wealth of information instead of spending 4 hours on the internet wading through links and threads.

Cheeers seb.
Dave Comeau claims to have found some late frames ('73-'75) that are wide at the rear loop and has made his own Fastback tail sections to fit these frames. I had a NOS tail section on a '75 frame with no problem and checked three other late frames hanging in the shop with no issue, but Dave quotes several frame ser. no. that are wider. Other than this you should have no problem fitting Fastback glass work to any frame. If you use the early oil tank and metal battery cover you will need to fabricate a catch for the battery cover or use a '68-'70 Fastback battery tray.

Pre-'71 frames have the centerstand mounted to the frame rather than the engine cradle, so the appropriate stand must be used. Sidestands are different from '68-'70, the '71 is different again, then the final '72-'75 are the best. Convert a '71 to the later type if you are doing a frame up build or have the engine out. This requires welding a plate to the frame.