Fastback coil mount

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Dec 26, 2007
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I don't think my '68 Commando came with a coil mounting bracket like later models. Since it was a basket case it is a puzzle to me.

It did have the mounting "bands" like later models. Did this model use a bracket? If not, how are the coils mounted?

(I keep in mind the only "dumb" question is one not asked!!)
Hi - As far as I know the 68 & 69 had a coil holder mounted in the same location as the latter Commando's.

It was designed narrower & bolted on the left side only (of the front gas tank suppport). If you need a pic let me know as have one from my 69 with the coils still attached...
I know what you mean about the parts book (NO pic's), I am rebuilding a 69 fastback...

I will need to take a pic & learn how to post. Will try in next few days...
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