exhaust nuts, 850 vs. 750

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Mar 19, 2005
Am I correct....? Is there a difference between the exhaust nut for a 750 and that of a 850? Length of thread? If so, I have two new nuts that seem too short for my 750, if anyone wants to trade against a good pair for my bike. Should at least still have some plating on them, and the fins not all bent up, etc.....
Or....what should I do? Have some kind of collar/thick washer made to fit over the pipes, so I can use the nuts I have? No pun intended.... :wink: Maybe just dress up the old ones, straighten out fins and get them plated?

Anyone got an idea?

I want to replace the whole exhaust system and it will look funky if I don't replace the old rusty nasties I have on there now, too......lol

Hewhoetc. I can highly recomend bronze exhaust rings from Norvil in the UK they are a funky gold colour and absolutely will not come loose when riding as they expand at more or less the same rate as the alloy head.

The 850 rings are shorter and have thicker finning. These can be used with the 750 pipes if the collets from the 850 are also used. This was a necessary change when they went to the crossover pipe as you could not slide the 750 ring over the flange of the pipe and with the crossover you could not feed it from the muffler end of the pipe. The split collets wrap around the pipe and slip into the exhaust ring. The outer edge of the collet then fits against the pipe flange.
For 1975 Norton also made a change to the exhaust pipe using a belled end to the pipe and a matching insert for the head. These used the same 850 exhaust rings, but allow the pipe to swivel slightly and was an improvement in keeping the rings tight. There are non-crossover versions of this setup available and can be fitted to any 750 or 850. They do away with the lock rings and I have had a set on both of my 850's for several years and have never had a pipe come loose.
Thanks for the info...both of you.
Have to figure out what I'm going to do. New nuts are about 11 Pounds apiece...hefty...plus postage and such. The thing with the collets....comes to about half as much for the parts, but then you have the situation tha I don't know about this 850 type and I could surely end up ordering the wrong parts and such. My old nuts are a bit bent and rather rusty...could get them a bit neatened and chromed, at least I know that they fit and do the job. Only bummer is that that route will put the machine out of service for a couple of weeks...have to look in my junk...might run into some that I can just send off and get redone. Looking forward to a new exhaust, with the seat being redone and the tank repainted....ooolala! Now I know at least that the set I have is for the 850...shame I don't have one... :wink:
Thanks once again.....
Exhaust Rings (Universal)

Ron L, do you have a vendor or part # which I can order a set. On my 73 850 I put new pipes on, removed the cross-over. Mine work ok howeve they do come loose quite easy. Appreicate any info. semper fi devildog

Oh yeah everyone, I finally broke down and bough 2006 Royal Enfield (Military) with Cozy Sidecar. Pretty neat bike and lots of fun at present. Could use a bit more power however but it functions for what I purchased it for.
I don't have a part number as I bought these several years ago. However, I do know that Fred Eaton (Old Britts) carries a set made by Viking. These are excellent quality, but pricey. I would guess my sets came from either Mike Partridge at Walridge motors or RGM in England, but I don't actually remember. They are usually listed as non-balanced Mk3 head pipes.
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