Essential Shop Manuals

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Jun 19, 2003
I just purchased my first Norton, a beautiful '71 Commando, and am looking for advice regarding the best shop manuals for the bike.

Obviously I presume a lot of repair/upkeep knowledge comes from experience but I believe the previous owner of my bike would personally track me down and cut my motorcycle career violently short should anything happen to this bike.

I merely would like to decrease the odds of this happening.

Can I add a follow up comment to that - which is better, the Haynes/Clymer manual or the original Norton workshop manual in terms assisting the home mechanic?

(I have a Haynes - should I buy the Norton workshop manual?)

Gents, I have both the Norton factory manual and the Haynes manual, and I use them both. Mostly, they're just about identical, but occasionally I'll find that something isn't completely clear (at least not to me! :oops: ) in one or the other, and having a backup is handy.

For the price, I think it's worth having more than one source of information.
Thanks R-T.

Jeremy, to get an idea of whats available look at the following site:

Shows the factory manual, owners handbooks and the Haynes Manual at the bottom.

Good weekend to all.
Shop Manuals

Greetings Jeremy...

Enjoy your Norton! Working on the bike is a major part (to me) in the enjoyment and familiarity of the bike.

I purchased the Shop Manual and the Parts Manual, scanned the pages in before they got too greasy for back ups later on.

I have found both to be indispensable, along with an English to American dictionary.

Good luck...

You should try to get a copy of the Noton riders hand book and the leaflet 117/3 hints and tips for Amal carburetters
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