Enggine removal

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Oct 2, 2006
I'm taking the engine out of my 71 Roadster for the first time tonight. Frame is stripped, Isolastic bolts are out, and chaincase is off.

Would I be better off removing the engine and transmission as a unit, or unbolting them from each other and taking them out one at a time. I'm working alone.
Far better to take them out separately. I believe the manual shows the whole "power unit", primary chaincase and swing arm and all coming out in one piece for accident repairs but it really is not easy.

If you have got as far as the chaincase off, no reason not to take out the three studs behind the crankcases. You might need to slacken off the gearbox bolts as well as the engine plates might otherwise "pinch" the cases.

You will also need to unbolt the front iso from the engine. (Sorry if that is obvious !)
Thanks! I suspected as much. Good to know I won't have to lift the whole thing.

I carried a GSX engine across my shop once. Luckily it didn't run BEFORE I dropped it either.
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