DynoDave, ignition wiring question.

Oct 9, 2004
(Sorry for the cross-post, here and at BritIron)


As you seem to have spent considerable time with Norton ingition systems, I figured you might be able to help me with a question.

I came into a Crane, dual tower, ignition coil the other day. http://cranecams.com/pdf/90003005.pdf It was new, in the box, and being clearanced for $70 (down from $135).

The bike has a Boyer unit installed, but retains the 2-6v coils.

The Crane is a siamesed setup (2-12v coils in one housing) and has 2 negative terminals.

Do you think its useable? How would one wire it? Would an alternator/voltage regulator upgrade be required to push two 12v coils?

Thanks much.

Take care,