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Dec 30, 2003
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I'm working on fastback bodywork for my '72 roadster over the winter months. The roadster parts are original finish signal red and I want to keep that color for the fastback. Domiracer has old stock Norton touchup paint in cans that they say have no pressure remaining, but could be openned and used with a sprayer. My usual complaint about spray cans is you can't use a hardener so the finish is soft. Anyone out there with paint experience can tell my what type hardener to use or if it's even possible with this type paint? Another idea is to put clear urethane that can be catalyzed over the red. Looking for feedback. At least with the Domiracer paint I can get a color match and inexpensive.
I work as a chemist at PPG. I also live close to Domiracer and have seen these cans of "touch-up" paint. Today's refinish paint are light years ahead of the OEM paint and the refinish packed in those cans. When matching an old finish, the best options are:

1) find an original part with as little sun exposure as possible, polish the finish with a fine polishing compound and take it to your paint jobber and have him "read" the color with a spectrometer and get a match in modern paint. The exception here is some of the flake and metallics. Norton used different size flakes in different years as well as colored gelcoat in the fiberglass. A good paint jobber can help match this as well.

2) If you can't find or borrow an original part, buy one of Tony's spray cans and open it. Mix the paint well and with an airbrush spray out a small panel. Then take the panel to the jobber and get a match.

3) Find someone who has done either 1) or 2) and borrow a side cover or the paint formula (if he still has it).

Getting factory codes or the match from a European car from that era is not likely to be of much help. The paint jobber is not going to have a cross reference to 30 year old paint for a manufacturer that has been out of production for 30 years, nor are they likely in the States to know what "Vauxhall Robin's egg blue" is.
Domiracer paint

Hi Ron,

Matching the color isn't what I'm concerned with. I have original finish signal red roadster tank and side covers in excellent condition. To have the color matched and purchase a minimum qty of red urethane is very expensive. If the Domiracer paint at $20 will work by covering with a PPG hardened clear urethane which I have in the cabinet...see what I mean. I went ahead and bought five cans of the red from Domiracer and will try it. If it doesn't work I can always sand it off and start over.
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