discbrake conversion

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Oct 4, 2003
hi every one. i have been thinking of convrting my 69 ,750
to front disc brake.1st How ,2nd How difficult.
do i look for orig,or a more modern system. norvil has stuff.
but what do i exactly need? from what i can make out of
the norvil kit i dont see the fluid res or lever
so i would really appreciate some of your valuble guidence.
tanks again JIM
disc conversion

To get to the std '72 on up Lockheed/Norton brake you will need the fork slider with caliber bracket cast in, the caliper, a disc type front wheel with disc, the brake hose and master cylinder with lever and switch cluster. The switch cluster has a kill button and dummy button with turn signal switch. You're '69 had different switches so if you want it to look even you will also need the left side switch cluster which includes the clutch lever.

This used to be a very popular upgrade, but recently many people like the classic look of the TLS drum brake. If you're looking for more braking, check into the "stiffening kit" which is a plate that mounts outboard of the brake shoes. With careful setup the drum will work very nearly as good as the Lockheed disc. Search for pictures at


Other disc setups are available that work better than original Norton brake. All are fairly expensive.
Look into having Vintage Brake do their thing on your drum brake www.vintagebrake.com It will be a lot less expensive than the stock disc conversion and will give you a front brake that is better to boot. Keeping the bike stock gets some points too. The non-stock conversions are expensive and good but they have some issues with details.
thanks to both of you ,for your sugestions i will follow up on
them.. they make dollers and scents
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