Cylinder Head Coating?

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Mar 28, 2010
Hi all !

I just sandblasted today, my cylinder head and barrel.
I haven't seen the head that shiny since I pulled it out of the crate in '74.
Soooo tempted to put a clearcoat on or something to try to keep it like that.
Is that a bad idea?

As for the barrel, I noticed there was just a discussion about that with swooshdave.
A retro bike buff told me to use trim paint semi gloss black.
Said it doesn't require primer so there's less coating overall, and it takes the heat, very durable.
Has anyone tried that route?

I haven't put it on yet. Can always return it if there's a better product.

Appreciate your thoughts!
Chester — I would not use a clear lacquer on the cylinder head as it tends to 'yellow' with age and would spoil that great finish of yours. The lacquer might even get brittle. I saw a Commando special (maybe on this forum, but can't remember) with a black finish on the head and barrel and I don't know what the coating was, but it looked the business. I wonder if it affected heat dissipation...? The Vincent Black Lightning had a black finish on its cylinder heads. I guess in those days they would have used stove enamel.

The black coating on my cylinder head is a special heat dissappating black ceramic coating. It actually lowered the head temp when I applied it. It's the same stuff I use on barrels. The adhesion on the aluminum head has not been nearly as good as it is on the barrels. Three years old now and it's starting to come off in tiny flakes. Jim
Thanks for the info guys.
I think I found something that is a clearcoat that would survive the apocalypse (sp?)
2part mix that everyone at the store was raving about "no yellowing, hard as steel etc" $78 a pint so I hope it's that good.

I'm just not sure if I'm supposed to be concerned about heat dissipation.
Was that a coat of aluminum paint I blasted off there?
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