Crazy Nuts

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Hi all,

I just finished putting my head back on :shock: and I have a question. How on earth is one supposed to torque down the upside-down nut just under the intake port :?: :?:

... and another thing -- what size wrench/socket will fit it?

I can't remember how I got it off :oops: , but the closest is a 13mm open-end wrench. I own about 10 different 13mm sockets and wrench's. When I pulled the nut back out and tried it on each socket and wrench I own, I got a big surprise :? :? only ONE 16-point 13mm socket fit!! The rest are a smidge too tight. (I'm going to mic them all just for kicks.)

Boy was it ever scary bolting down the first bolt against valve spring pressure :shock: I thought for-sure it was stripped, and I would have to put in a Time-Sert, but it kept turning (phew).

Once I torque everything down, I'll finish polishing the inspection covers, and post some pics. It's lookin good! Wonder what it sounds like :lol:
Hi Dana looks like its time for you to buy more tools :lol: the engine and trans hardware is british sizes. you will need a set of british standard or whitworth ( same tool but marked diffrent ) wrench's and sockets. metric or american wont work. just wait till you need to helicoil these dam things :x .

the rear head nut


This is the worst nut to get at on the whole bike. I have used 13mm also in the past. I got lucky and found the "Norton" tool on e-bay. I knew about it and also knew it when I saw the picture. It's has a curved handle with proper size sockets at each end. What a difference the right tool makes! As Dave says it also works on the front "upside down" nuts on my '72.

Gar's '74 850 couldn't be removed until we tried this tool. It was a little off center and the wrenches would hit the fins before getting a grip.

I don't worry about torquing these, just get them as tight as the others. Do tighten everything in the sequence listed in your workshop manual.
Hi guys,

Thanks SO MUCH for the replies. All the right answers :D

Bill, illf8ed, and dynodave: Yes indeed, it's tool time for me 8) (Snap On is out of my $$ league).

dynodave ... duh! I figured that out later last night as I fell asleep (I like to go over what I've done and what the challenges are after I lie down to go to sleep ... helps me relax :shock: ) You are correct, I did not have the adjusters backed off. Learning learning. And now that I think back to when I took it off, I do remember the tension came on a little bit at the begining of the screw, and was almost finger-loose the rest.

I may play with a low-quality wrench or socket and see if I can grind it into submission while I wait for tool purchases to arrive.

Thanks again guys!! :D
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