Coil Problem

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Dec 27, 2005
I have discovered that there is power at both sides of my coils and at the Condensers why is this happening????? Plzz Help.

Regards Julian
Could you give some more information on exactly what you mean please (and describe the wiring setup if possible)?

Your ('72?) model would normally have been fitted with two 6V coils wired in parallel (white wire goes to both coil neg. terminals from a ballast resistor).

I would expect there to be power to the condensers and points (from the coil Pos. terminals) otherwise the system wouldn't work.

What is the actual problem that this "power at both sides" is causing?

Or have I not understood what you meant?
Never mind i went back outside an had another fiddle an discovered that the problem was a bad earth at the points where the wire goes onto the tab the is held on with a nut. This wire was loose and was earthing the system out. Have it sorted now so this thread can just disapear.
Not open for further replies.