Clutch basket

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Jan 22, 2008
My clutch basket has a flat steel disc that was apparently held in place with small roll pins. This may be a 750 part The roll pins are broken and the piece is loose. What,s up ? Can this be repaired or do I need a new clutch basket?
The old Atlas clutch baskets had a riveted in back . One of these may have found it's way into your bike as a used replacement part ,if that is the case find another replacement part without rivets. They are around because of people switching to belt drives just put out the word.
I have a 12th month 1969 Fastback and when I pulled it down to restore I found the clutch had cork plates and there was a steel plate which had two pins to locate it in the basket. The two pins had sheared off. I just went down and had a check as I have not got to the clutch yet and the pins were brazed into the steel plate and then fitted to the basket to stop the plate turning on the steel basket metal to metal. Correct me if I am wrong but the bike was original, standard bore and mains. Had only had the head off before I obtained it. It came from a private colection and had been sitting for some years and the clutch set up looked original. My 1970 Roadster has the later type clutch. I dont know if I will put the later steel and bronze plates into the fastback or just drill out the damaged pins as I am trying to keep this bike original. My 70 roadster is far from original and the more I tried to fix up all the faults the more it departed from origional. Can someone help me as to whether the headlight supports on the 69 Fastback were chromed or painted black. There is a photo site attached to this forum with a picture of TJ's bike and some Norton brochures with one showing my bike in red and the fork stay,s/headlight support chromed as mine is. Is it correct as I have been told they should have been painted from the factory.
I have restored a couple of 69 commandos and they also had the plate with the pins, I assume that this was standard for pre-1970 models and I have found the pins listed in my Norton Commando 750 parts book publication No.101/71 as part number 062485 - 3 required.
I rebuilt my presumably original clutch some 20 years ago. The steel back plate and pins were present and the pins were sheared and loose.

I made an oversize dowel pin from a broken section of allen socket key, drove it into the holes in the plate and carefully cleaned up the side that engages the clutch basket on the grinder. The other side of the pin is below the level of the plate, so as not to tear up the friction clutch plate.

It's worked for a long time.
Yup, my '69 Commando clutch had those same goofey pins. If I remember correctly, they were garden-variety roll pins that I sourced at the local hardware store.
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