Carby heat insulating gaskets

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Nov 27, 2006
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I am considering removing the carby heat insulating gaskets and substituting them with thin paper gaskets. This would allow me the space to fit a single carb manifold and still retain the standard air filter set up.

Would I experience any problems with removing the insulating gaskets. The bike is only used occasionly for club runs of about 150 kilometres and it is never ridden hard.
I imagine it could heat up the carb body, making it a too-rich mix. I guess you could lean out your settings, but that would be bad if your engine is running cooler for some reason, so I don't think I'd do that.
Don't remove the insulating gasket the fuel will boil in the float bowl.
How thick is yours? the originals are quite thin.

If the carb is a spigot mounted mikuni the heat spacers are not going to make any difference to the carb as it is insulated any way
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