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Jan 14, 2004
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Is there a problem with pulling a plug wire to syncronize the carbs when running a Boyer or a L/R?
I have been told one should not energize these without the spark being able to go to ground. Both these units are dual fire were both plugs fire together. I don't see the harm in pulling a plug wire as the energy is always running to ground through the opposite plug.
Am I wrong in this?
Mate !
I do it any time I'm tuning my Interstate, have had no drama.
There may be some reason I'm ignorant of says u can't tho.
But my commandos have always run ok :D
Thanks Reg,
Other people are telling me there may be negatives to this.
I am going to try to develop a way to ground the spark while it's running without shocking the %&^ out of me.
Any suggestions anyone?

If it is a worry, y can't u just disconnect the appropriate black/white or black/yellow wire from the pick up plate ? I would have to have a look to see which one goes to left or the right cylinder.

Supposedly u r supposed to ground the plug otherwise, but I never bothered & I have had a few boyers over the years. Never a problem.

Recently, one of my wires broke where they do, but I blame this forum for that !!! They deadset jinxed me :D after I stuck up for the reliabilty of the boyer system.

SSSSShhhh....don't tell em though. They will come out firing >>>>>
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