Carb Jetting

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Dec 9, 2008
I am reworking the single 34mm Mikuni carb on my MK III. So far I have gotten two different jet settings. Which one would be the best to start with since I live in Southern California.

One theory is.
Needle Jet P2 159
Needle 6DH3
Pilot Jet 40
Main Jet 240

When you order a new carb from Sudco for the Norton, this is what you get.

Needle Jet P0-159,
Needle 6DH3,
Pilot Jet 35
Main Jet 250

Carb jetting is a bit new for me, so I'm not sure if there is actually much of a difference, or which way to go.
both are very close to being correct, I would start with the top one as it is slightly richer in the mid range,from this forum I have noticed most people use a#3 slide, the #2.5 seems to give a slightly rich low load cruise,about 60~70 mph you may notice a slight surging. When you get it correct the mid range will be good but you will run out of puff at about 100mph

my one is set like so
#3 slide
6dh4 needle
159 p2
230 main
3 air jet
Iam not sying my settings are perfect for your bike but you can see that both of the settings you have are very close
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