cam questions..

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Jun 2, 2005
hey all.. been suffering bikeless since i blew up the mk3 a month ago. im currently waiting for my cam which is at we getting hardwelded. what are the diffrences between a new and a reground cam? thanks for intertaining my ingnorance.. m
A re-ground camshaft has had material welded on to the lobes. It is then straightened, re-ground (hence the name) and heat treated.

New is, ummm... new. Made from a new cam blank.

Either way, the cam is only as good as the materials and the attention put into doing the work correctly.
The first two that come to mind are Johnson Cams (I run a J360, but he'll make a stock replacement if that's your flavor) and Megacycle. I've heard no complaints about soft cams from either.

BTW, don't forget to have your cam followers surfaced.
Would like to know more of the story here. Are you repairing the cam because the engine blew up or are you repairing a cam that just has the lobes worn off. Either way my preferance would be to buy new. Too many things can go wrong with a remanufactured cam and a good shop will charge you the price of a new cam anyhow
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