Cam end float

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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
Hi all,

I have 48 thou end float on my cam. I am running a megacycle 6000 grind with radiused followers and stronger springs.

Will this end float be ok [it ran like that for about 10K miles no problems], or should I shim it?

Regards - Jerry
It's ok. I have .035" float on mine. The tach drive locates the cam against the thrust washer when the engine is running, so the actual end float doesn't really matter.

I'm assuming you have the 06-1086 thrust washer and the flanged cam bushing. If you have the break-away-tab 06-2601 thrust washers, that could be a problem. But IIRC you have an 850 so should not have those washers (they were fitted to early Combat engines).

I am also sure that the end float is not a problem and have never heard of any form of shimming. The mileage that you have done also suggests all is OK.

If you're concerned, you could put some blue on the cam lobes in turn to make sure that things are running in the right place.

The cams do seem to run against the thrust washer. I don't know though if this is only due to the helical tacho drive. Lots of people remove them, don't they ?

By the way, has anyone ever stripped an original or non-specialist rebuilt motor and found any shims on the mains ? I never have. I seriously wonder if the factory ever did it.

I have heard second or third hand that Brian Slark had stated that the factory never shimmed the end play on the crank. I have never found shims on a crank from an engine that I felt was a "virgin".
I was told by Fred Barlow that end float on crank should be 6 thou ( I think from memory) if it is too much hammering from crank can damage crankcase. If they did not do it in the factory that is not necessarily a recommendation!
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