Buying a Vincent

You are truly a man of vision.... a nice Ulster could ease much sorrow and pain.

Tinker toys are always a thrill too.
This is true, however the car purchase did not suck up all of the Vin funds. There's just enough left over for another old MC of some sort ( maybe Goldstar or Rudge Ulster) and some lathe tooling. That should ease the pain and suffering quite a bit.:)

That sounds good Glen. And, moreover, you actually still have a Vincent to enjoy right ?!

A mate has two Rudges, lovely things.
Yes, I'll hang onto the one we bought in OZ, it's setup for touring so it gets ridden a lot.
Rudges are rare over here, Goldstars can be found.

Lots of Rudges over here. Import one. It isn't a big deal anymore.
That's likely what I'll do.
I read the production numbers somewhere and they were quite large. It seems they are like the Vincent in that many have survived.

Buelling asked " Did you sell the Glenli?"

No, that's the 1360. I'll hang onto that.