Burned Triumph LS bike to be restored.



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This is from the latest (March 2004) issue of Bonneville Racing News.

The Triumph powered Land Speed Streamliner known as the "Texas Ceeger" which set a LS Bonneville record of 214.40 MPH in 1956, and was destroyed in the British Museum Fire is being taken back to Texas to be resurected (completely restored).

The bike was ridden by Americans, Stormy Mangham, Jack Wilson, and Johny Allen. The engine is a highly tuned, normally-aspirated, methanol/nitro burning Thunderbird 650cc street twin making an estimated 100HP!

This is being done by a Dallas/Ft. Worth group of Triumph enthusiasts and scheduled for completion December, 2004.

Progress can be followed at:

The museum's rebuilding is:

Thanks to Dave Howe of Ft. Worth, TX for the article.

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Glad you are still checking in.

Did you sell the Commando? How much did you get for it?

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Good to hear form you. Actually, this is an old post. I haven't been on in a while. The Norton is still sitting. I plan on a brief clean up in the next few weeks. Then I'll put it on eBay and see if I get a decent price. I haven't fidden in a few months as well. I'm having a blast on the Concours, and needed a Norton break. Just some life changes I guess.

I followed a sweet 63 BSA home on Christmas. He lives the next street over :lol: He had just banged into a car from behind because his dried and hard wheels skidded and wouldn't grip. Just a bent fork and he stayed upright. We had a nice chat after he calmed down.

Take care, and good to hear from you :!: