Broken frame

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Jun 3, 2005
So sometimes it pays to tear things apart. While in the process of overhauling the rear end (new chain, countershaft sprockett, brake drum, swing arm bushings and shaft, etc..), I was going to touch up the frame paint and found the frame has a clean break in it. I found found the usual oil/grease/dirt on the surface of the break, so it look's like it has been there a while.
There's a triangular stiffener on the right side where the z-plate and rear iso are attached. Just above where the rear zplate bolt goes, the frame tube has broken staight across. I will ask Steve or Fred to repair it (might as well get Fred's rear loop brace put on), they are both execellent machinists.

Has anyone had this happen before? A rare or common break point?

Guess the Golden Flash while be my main ride for a while.....
I seem to remember reading that the frame can break at that point if the Isolastic mountings are set too tight (zero clearance)!
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