Broadford Southern Classic

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Dec 27, 2005
I posted this in the Everything Else section but didnt get many hits so i will post it here,

This is for everyone in Australia mainly in Victoria on September 31st till October 1st there is a classic bike rally/ festival, swap meet and on track racing with classes ranging from pre 1960 till 1980 on in broadford victoria around 40min ride from melbourne. For Info goto this website


and for direction and distance/time calculator go here [url=

Hope to see some of you Aussie there.
Do u mean Sept. 31st till Oct. 1st?
Last time i rode 2 broadford from Melbourne it was about 40 mins, not 4 hrs, which route r u taking?
woops should proof read yeah i mean Sep 31st til Oct 1st. The time i got from a brochure that was sent to me. i am Traveling from the otherside near bendigo from a small town called swan hill and it is around 3-4hrs ride from my end. will you be going again??
Yes we are definitely going. However my darling ( sarcastic ) wife has just pointed out we are still both dickheads because there are only 30 days in Sept. So the dates will be 30th Sept. to 1st Oct. I would presume. Don't u hate it when they're right ( again ).

What bike will you be taking along and i cant belive how stupid i am. And you can probally tell me if you dont want to race just show the bike what is the fee and am i required to fill out any forms.
Theres also another race meeting at broadford race track in early March, classics and side cars, speedway, I went last year, It was great. :lol:
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