Breather valve

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Nov 27, 2006
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I just wanted to say what a great forum this is and for the knowledge that people share for the Commando's.
After reading the threads concerning fitting a brake valve to the breather pipe, I finally went down to my local wrecker and pulled a vacuum valve off an old Ford and fitted it to my 72 Combat, on Sunday I went for a ride with the vintage club, of just under a 100 miles. I couldn't belive it, not even a hint of an oil leak from the engine, it was as dry as a bone.
You can resurface mating surfaces, use hi-tech sealants, special seals, whatever. Until you eliminate the pressure in the crankcase you will have oil leaks. I know, I've done it.

If that vacuum brake check valve quits, the ones I used did, get a proper motorcycle crankcase breather valve. For price and function you can't beat the one Yamaha uses on their XS 650.
I was just reading an old article of a 52 Manx that the factory had fitted a cluster of breather valves to.

Not open for further replies.