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Mar 27, 2006
This all started trying to put in a 3 phase alternator kit. Apparently, the timing is off. When set on 31 degree b.t.d.c. my Boyer rotor magnets are about 5 degrees from horizontal--from being in line with the Norton emblem. (75 commando mk 3). The Boyer instructions say "fit magnetic rotor unit using one of the bolts......."if not move the rotor until this is achieved-without turning the engine from 31db.t.d.c."-
how is this last part done? if I looosen the socket cap screw first, is it left or right thread?? Won't do anything until advised.
The reason I am trying this is that I get 12+ volts at the Boyer, sparks fly when i touch 2 points leads together--at plugs also.--my box ground to + coil connection is good. yet when i try to kickstart, seems like no spark. The connections are good also. Could it be timing??
Here is how I do it. All threads are normal right hand thread. Remove the Boyer stator plate by removing the two stand-off bolts and washers, but leave the wires connected. Remove the Boyer rotor central fixing bolt. With a small drift and light hammer, tap lightly around the edge of the Boyer rotor until it is free from the taper. Replace the rotor in the approximate position and screw in the fixing bolt just enough to hold it but loose enough to turn on the cam taper. Re-install the stator plate with the standoff bolts in the center of the adjustment. Check that your timing mark is still at 31 degrees. Now reach in through the center hole in the stator with a thin screwdriver and rotate the rotor until the magnet screw is aligned in the hole in the stator. This should be approximately in line with the Norton logo on the timing cover. Tighten the central rotor bolt. Once when you get it started set the timing with a light.

Do you have spark when you turn the keyswitch off or press the kill button? If you get spark then, but not when you kick the engine over, then check your connections at the stator. It sounds like you might have the dreaded broken stator wire syndrome. There are a couple threads here about a permanent solution.
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