both plugs firing - normal?

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Aug 26, 2005
Hi all - I an putting the finishing touches on a 7 month bebuild (1970 750), just did the timing etc...

I noticed that both plugs fire that the same time, (one is on the compression stroke, the other on exhast) on the next compression cycle of the other piston the same occures??

As the plugs fire on each cylinder at the right time (compression) it should run BUT is the normal to have a plug fire on the exhast stroke? I am running a complete stock setup.

Also when I disconnect the points wire from the coil my test light indicates one set of points lighting my test light at a time (as I would expect). With the coils connected as per normal my test light will light up on either set of points when one set opens???

Do you know if the norton is supposed to be acting this way???
update - I just started it, it's running fine considering it's the first since the rebuild (needs some tuning)...

I still find it strange that both plugs fire at the same time...
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