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Nov 20, 2008
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Hi Folks! I'm a "born again" Norton Rider who just discovered this site. Thank you all for being here, I learned so much already. I recently drove 500 miles to my brother's farm to retrieve my basket case 850 roadster. It feels like a barn find to me because I didn't realize how long it's been till I noticed the 1987 plate. Call me Rip Van Winkle but it's been 21 years since I've ridden! OMG!
My MC had a blown bottom end that I had only begun repairing back then when I had to go off to work in a remote logging camp. I only had time to pack everything in grease and stow it away. It was all moved to my brothers farm at some point and that changed hands (to my other brother) but the bike was moved outside and wrapped in plastic for about the last 4-5 years. I'm amazed at the usable condition of most the parts however. This will be a slow build for me as I'm still creating a workshop in a very meager breezeway/garage and gathering some tools. Rip Van Winkle here has slept through the whole 880/920 era so this is all new and interesting.
I hope this pic works, it's my basket 850.

Born Again
Hey, cool, a High Rider!

I like your username, my company is "Born Again Bikes".

Looks like my '71 750 but not so much disassembled, just moved it to the basement to set up shop, hope to get a pretty good start on it this winter. Good luck with yours!
Nortasaki, I just left a meeting of the Michigan Norton owners today about 35 of us over at the South Lyon Hotel for our lunch and monthly meeting. No need to feel alone lots of us out there in Michigan. PM me if your interested.
That looks like a good start. Next Commando I find looking like that I'll probably buy if the price is right.
Looks like somebody slapped a Harley rim on the back!! I've got a Trident that someone put a 16 inch Harley rim and big fat tire on as well. I guess that was the rage at some point in history!!
I remember folks chopping Nortons quite regularly. A number of them died this way before they began to get some value.
Harley wheels and frame cuts were done of course but I think Triumphs and BSAs were more commonly modified this way.
At last year's Clubman show in San Jose I saw a couple of little hard tail Triumphs that I enjoyed.
Home Coming planned for Xmas!

Hi all and thanks for the warm welcome! I've been away so I'll reply in bulk.

Grandpaul - I like your username, my company is "Born Again Bikes".
After reading these threads many old feelings came back to me and I thought "now I know what it means to be born again"! I considered making it my user name but decided to make it a signature instead. Great minds think alike!

Cookie - I paid $500.00 and an old welder for this bike. I figure I have about $800.00 into it. Mind you by todays standards it would be more like $3500.00 (although the way things are going 2008 currency values could be at par to 1987 currency values pretty soon)

The bad news is, when I drove it home the bottom end went going up a huge hill. The oil feel lines were reversed and a con rod bent doing slight damage inside the cases and scoring the pistons and barrels. I'm thinking of putting a big bore kit into it. I see there are 880 and 920 kits available.

tpeever - Yes the hog wheel in the back is how it came. Other than that it was stock with roadster tank and seat etc. I have to admit I was one of those guys who wanted to chop a Norton. Triumphs were the pretty engines so they and Beezers got most of that attention but since I had a cafe style Norton already I thought a chopper would be fun too. I'm not sure just what I'll do at this point.

Here's a snap of my 72 Dunstall. Sorry for the picture quality, it's a copy of an old photo I have from the day. I still have this bike too and it's stored in a built on garage (semi heated) just a few miles from here. I turned it over a few times the other day. I'm dreaming of having a Home Coming this Xmas season where I can unite with both Nortons under one roof again after 20 odd years! I just need to make some room for it here. I'll have to look at the plate on it but I think it's been stored longer than the 850, so about 25 years! This is shaping up to be the best Xmas ever! :)

Born Again
Hey Norbsa, Didn't mean to miss the meeting, I've been rebuilding a stair-way for the Ol' lady. Had plans on going and forgot what day it was. :?

Hi Grandpaul, thanks for the compliment on my "Dunstall". I'm not sure if I should be referring to it as a Dunstall as it doesn't have any dunstall engine bits. Just tank, seat, fairing, rear sets, exhaust and clip ons. The motor is balanced and blueprinted with 24 oz. shaved off. It has a combat head with stock pistons. Polished and ported head and enlightened rocker arms. It's real smooth running and goes like a dove outa hell (which by the way is twice as fast as a bat makes the trip).
I'm going to have to spring for a new windshield when I get it back on the road.
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