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May 2, 2009
I need about 10 or 12 bolts of various sizes to finish up a couple things on my bike. Anyone know good places to order these kind of domed bolts online?
bolts - online
Easy, McMaster-Carr

Be aware you will need to possibly buy more than what you need.

There are other places too.

You can also buy locally. I bought a lot of stuff from a place in Greensboro. Every decent sized city will have a fastener shop. They may not have the selection of McMaster tho.

The domed bolts with the allen heads are called "buttonheads" and the domed nuts are called "acorn nuts".
I'm lucky to have a good local hardware store that sells various stainless steel nuts, bolts washers and etc.
There's 2 here- a lowe's hardware, but they only have plain bolts; a mom and pop shop, but they mainly deal with contractors. The prices are
so high it's ridiculous. I stopped going in there years ago. I order almost everything online. There's not enough competition or selection here.
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