Bike rebuild problems

Aug 5, 2006
1971 Norton Commando, Boyer, 34mm Mikuni, Andrews Highoutput coil:

Last weekend I had the bike running and running fairly well after a complete rebuild on the engine. A few miles down the road the engine started "chugging" and running like crap, so I turned around. When on the way home the bike stopped running. I pushed the bike home and gave it a look over, the plugs were sooty black, the boyer rotor came loose and lost the correct timing.

I corrected the timing, swapped the plugs, and I noticed that the connector on the positive terminal of the battery came loose and wasn't attached, so I reconnected it. I then checked the gas and tried starting it up, it gave a pop but doesn't seem to want to go. It has nice spark on both plugs, the gaps are correct, I'm not too sure what could be going on?

Thanks in advance!
Sounds similar to what happened to me once. Have you checked your battery charge, Boyer needs a healthy charge to run consistently. Forgive me for stating the obvious....
Good luck!
I will check my battery and charge it up. Perhaps it has lost it's charge. Thanks for the advice.
Checked the battery, it's fine. I am beginning to think that it might be a carb problem, I will tear it apart tonight.
I also was going to say carb....I mine Commando laid up for several months....was doing the Tommaselli all-adjustable clip ons and some other mods.....but anyway, same deal as ran sweet then coughed and belched then wouldn't start. dropped the bottom off the Mikuni, gave it a cleaning and violá.
have a great summer!
Commando74 aka Eric