Best petcocks?

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Apr 15, 2004
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I'm in the market for new *quality* petcocks and would like opinions on what I should buy. The cheap chinese POS petcocks I bought are already failing. The main only drips and the reserve has about 50 percent flow. This after just a few rides!

I'd like to keep the original appearance so was thinking of getting the british OEM-style petcocks. But how long will they last? Am I better off with the BAPs or something like that?

Right now I don't dare ride the bike any farther than I can push it. All I have is half of a reserve petcock and I don't think it's going to last much longer.

All opinions appreciated! :)

I was so frustrated that I went to British Marketing and said I want ones that don't leak. They sold me a pair and assured me they were far better than the Nortons. They also made it clear they were for Triumph's. I didn't care. Problem solved.
I don't know if these are the BAP's spoken of or not. Maybe someone else can help me out. I do know you can ring up British Marketing and request the 'good ones'.
Since then I bought another Norton. These same petcocks were already on. No Problems.
When I get time, I am going to try the leak test suggested earlier.
Good luck.
I checked with British Marketing, they are BAP taps.
I also did the flow / dribble test. The flow was steady and consistent.
There was a drip at the 15 min check. I changed the paper and checked @ 30 min, 1 hr. 2 hr and overnight. Clean. I concluded the initial drip was the residual fuel in the hose
These taps are 6 years old. I highly recommend these.
I just ordered a pair of BAPs. Sounds like the way to go!

Was happy to switch to BAP

I was told that the internals are German made and the best quality available for old brit iron...
Sugar Land, TX
Time for a followup on my leaky tank saga. I patched the crack with a Bondo fibreglass repair kit, then sent it to Ken Armann for lining. It came in this week so I installed the BAP petcocks with those metal/o-ring sealing washers and a little Permatex #2 on the threads. No more leaks!

The petcocks do appear to be much higher quality than the std Norton ones. They fit right on too, no problems. Now if I can just get the jetting right on those Amals. But that's another thread...

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