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Best £60 I have ever spent on a bike

Discussion in 'Norton Motorcycles (Modern)' started by RVR961, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. RVR961


    Apr 18, 2017
    Hi All,
    I've not posted for a while, but have been keeping up to date with you all.
    I have a 2017 Mk2 Sport with the RWU forks and have now covered around 1700 miles, so getting used to it and absolutely loving it.
    No major issues thus far, touch wood, except.....
    I always rode sports bikes like a loony beforehand and still have my R1, but had a break of around 6 years for family/work reasons. Getting out on the 961, I just didn't feel that comfortable with the handling. Surely with Ohlins suspension it's down to me being older and quite rusty; the ride was very hard, it didn't feel planted around bends, wallowing around even on a steady throttle and it hated bumps.
    So today I went over to Dave Wood Racing in Buckingham, who used to race bikes, has a lot of experience with set up and specialises in dyno tuning/remapping.
    He 's a lovely chap, explained what he was doing, set up everything, tested it and then handed it back. He said that he'd tweak it again if I wasn't happy with the set up, but to go out and try...……...
    WHAT A DIFFERENCE.....no more wallow round bends, bumps are just absorbed, no jumping out the seat. 10 miles and three roundabouts later, I was scraping my boots!
    Absolutely transformed. After 30 miles I was actually deliberately looking for bumps in the road and had to adjust my riding to not cope with the previous issues.
    I cannot believe how much better the bike is, all for £60.
    Dave mentioned that there are loads of 'experts' out there that will advise, but each bike is different, each rider has a different style and is a different weight, and you really do need to understand this 'black art' to make it work.
    The additional confidence it's given me is probably worth 20HP!!
    I can't recommend it highly enough, certainly Dave, but any professional who really understands suspension.

    Then we looked at the fuelling………..now that's a whole new thread....
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  2. jan nelder

    jan nelder

    Feb 18, 2018

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