Bent rear loop

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Hello. I just registered. I have been lurking on the forum and have really enjoyed it and learned alot. I am getting my '74 Interstate/Roadster - not sure which it started out to be, but has Interstate tank and seat, but Roadster pipes, mufflers and side panels. It had been sitting in a garage since I last rode it in 1985. It seems to be coming together pretty well, considering.
I have noticed, however, that the rear loop is bent downward. I have read posts that suggest that this is common if one carries heavy passengers. I can't remember carrying anyone very heavy, but I suppose the previous owner - I bought it in 1977 - may have. I am surprised, however, that I never noticed it until now.
Is it possible to straighten it without completely stripping the frame?
Another question, if you don't mind. I never see photos of Interstates with the Interstate pipes and silencers. Are they just not available? I must say, however, that I like the looks of the Roadster pipes with the Interstate tank/seat.
Thank you very much. Great forum!
Todd Stenson
frame loop and interstate exhaust

Hi Todd,

I suspect if your rear frame loop is bent you will need to strip it and take it to a frame shop or welder. I had a '61 featherbed frame trued locally in San Jose, Ca. Make sure it is really bent though. Commando frame geometries are a little strange looking. What you see may be normal. How does the rear fender fit?

The early Interstate exhaust is still available. Most people haven't cared for it compared to the reverse cone roadster type. It does have the advantage of being out of the way if using saddle bags.
Thanks, David. Shucks! As I expected. The rear fender seems to fit fine, but the rear tail-light isn't level - drooping its nose, or should that be tail. I'd post a digital photo, but I am too new to this site to know how. I, during the partial strip-down, thought it might be crash damage - there is evidence of that - the front fork headlight ears are bent out, so the indicators sweep back, there is a good sized chunk of the inner primary chain-case broken-off above the final drive sprocket. So, I guess that the previous owner either experienced a seizure or chain failure that put the bike down the road. There are no other significant scrapes/gouges, however.
Thanks for the info on the Interstate exhaust. It is very tempting, thought, as I mentioned, I like the look, of the Roadster exhaust, now. Many must, as it seems pretty common.
Thanks, again!
tail light droop


The '74 had a Lucas 917 square tail light that should be level. The earlier up to 1972 Lucas 679 "beehive" tail light did droop normally.
You can take the bend out without heating. Just drain the oil, remove the gas tank and seat and batery. The handle bar hardware will need removal and or protection.Turn the bike upside down, shim it with some four by fours and have a friend stand on one side while you stand on the other. Don't bend it too far it's harder to bend back down. Use a straight edge to see when you have it right. Don't you remember working on your bicycle? Hope you have some strong buddies. norbsa

The rear frame loop is usually bent because some one tried to carry a heavy load somewhere other than the seat. Aftermarket luggage racks which clamp to this frame rail must have a cross brace down to the passenger peg to triangulate or this rail will bend. Also flipping an open rail trailer carrying two Commando's on the freeway will bend this loop. DAMHIK.

As easy as it is to bend, it is also easy to straighten. This loop serves no purpose except to mount the fender and taillight.
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