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Oct 25, 2007
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Hi Chaps - my rebuilt 920 runs well but the silver paint applied to the cylinder barrels during the rebuild has 'bubbled' badly - it was fine initially but didn't like the heat and now looks a bit messy. Can anybody recommend a good paint to use - I'd like to stick with silver rather than black. I'd prefer a source of paint available in the UK.

Don' know if you have Rust-O-Leum enamel in spray cans "over there", but it works a treat.
Mwoo, I unfortunately don't have any suggestions with regard to DIY silver paint. I had my barrels powder coated by Triple S at Bingley Yorkshire and they are in as new condition admittedly it's only one and a bit years and 1200 miles later.

I know that there have been debates about the trade off with heat dissipation and powder coating, but the previous owner had jad the barrels shot blasted and painted by a well known UK supplier, and the finish was terrible, very flat, with rust coming through all over. I don't know if he rode it in salt alot :?: .

I realise you may not want to do your barrels this way but thought that I would relate to my experiences. He does as far as I could see, nearly all bike parts. I got my fork yokes done there in silver as well 8)
One paint that sticks like whatsit to a blanket is good old Halfords VHT aluminum. Of course you need to get the barrels squeaky clean and greasefree but it really stays on well. Leaves a slightly dusty surface after drying even when applied wet on wet but this can be wiped off.
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