Avon Venom x tires

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Mar 1, 2007
Hello again. Has anyone tried the Avon Venom X tires. I am a weekend rider and would like to know your opinion on these tires. I would like to know what sizes I should put on the front and rear. I have an 850 commando with stock 19 inch rims. The price is down on these tires to $99.95 locally here in Texas. Thanks for any advise
I like the 90/90 front and 100/90 rear combo better. the smaller front is faster turn in and transitions in the mountains :D and yes the AM26 is a good tyre :D

No argument here that the 90/90 tire would give quicker steering. It's just that in the Avon Venom X the only 19 inch tire is the 100/90.

I have 100/90 AM26's front and rear on the Interstate, but my next set will probably be 90/90 front 100/90 rear.
By accident I went to 90/90 at both ends. Don't know that I would change it. Bike very stable and quick steering. I started with a 18-120 at the rear that needed a little shaving for the chain guard. I have gone down in steps till this set up a 19-90/90 out front the whole time.
I've been running a 100/90 venom x front with a 100/90 super venom rear.
The front has been pretty good but now that its a bit worn i have felt the occassional uncomfortable slip/drift in fast sweepers recently - i'm not slow but certainly not the fastest of riders.
I would suggest venom-x is ok for general use but wouldn't recommend it if you're a thrashing it in the twisties type of rider.
90/90 discussion is interesting, might try that next.
Factory production racers ran with 3.60/19 fronts to speed up turn in. These lapped IOM at well over 100mph averages so you are hardly likely to have problems on the road with whatever you choose. All 850 Commandos were delivered new with 4.10/19 front and rear. :!:
Sorry, forgot to say that my 750 and 850 use 90/90 Avons on 19" rims for road and track. I have never had a 'moment' yet but I am getting old now.
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