ATTN: Anyone with a RGM belt drive..

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Jul 18, 2005
alright so i dont know who the saw the unedited version of this post but it was all over the place..


i have my rgm kit in.. 32mm belt, with the pulley and two backing plates on the front pulley, the whole unit is about 44mm on the front pulley assem.

problem is my rotor goes on fine and seems great, but when i get to the stator, using the included spacers, it just wont go fully against the studs. the stator actually hits the pulley plate with about 1 or 2 mm's before it would hit the spacers..

anyone else run into this problem???
Is the problem with the stator or the rotor ? , because of the non-unit nature of the commando there more variations in the fit of the alternator than on say a Unit T120.
the stator.. assuming that the stator is the outside ring of the alternator and the inside donut is the rotor..

the rotor seems to fit on just fine but the stator seems to deep.. altough its not.. it seems that the pulley assem is actually too deep and wont allow the stator to fully go into position
If the stator ring in fouling the pulley before seating correctly then use washers on the studs behind the stator to pack it out, don't go so far however that the stator ring does not engage on at least some the non-threaded portion of the stud, this gives it proper location. The rotor postion is forgiving in that it does not have to run dead in the center of the stator but it also can be moved out using a hardened washer (a soft one will release tension on the crank nut over time which could loosen off).

Radially of course you need a minimum of 8 thou betwwen stator and rotor all the way round and checked with the crank in 2/3 different positions.

thanx.. my only concern is that ill be putting the stator and rotor too far out and i wont be able to get the chaincase outer cover on..
Yep could be an issue, the first contact will be between the stator and the timing degree indicator. You won't know till you try.
My observation with RGM parts are that they are a bit cheaper than Norvil for example, but there often seems to be a requirement for modification or additional parts purchase that costs more than the price difference. I have found this with fork kits, gearbox overhaul kits, gasket sets etc. Has anyone else had this experience? I will continue to buy from them but a bit more selectively in future.
dave.. the quality of the belt drive kit seems great to me.. the pulleys are both nicely made.. now if this kit for some reason isnt compatible with a charging system, then f that.. its a cheap system and i wasted my money.

ill tell you on monday when i get this mess sorted out
It's not that they sell rubbish, but that some of the parts are a bit 'unfinished', it sounds to me that the taper on your front pulley may not be quite deep enough, how close to the cases does it fit in comparisson with the original drive sprocket? To rectify this is a fairly simple machining task, but you will have to find a machine shop with the time and the inclination to do the job and then pay a fee for this work. The kit should fit without this kind of headache. I bought one from Norvil a while back and it bolted straight on without any further machining, but the fork kits I bought from RGM required a visit to a machine shop to get the bushes to fit the sliders (I know this is a common fault but this does not make it acceptable).

it fits nicely against the back of the chaincase.. the problem is, with the pulley and two backing plates its too "deep" and sticks out too far. the plates are thin and no machining could be done..

ill get a pic of this mess!
Driggs, There are some kits specifically designed for competition use that have a slightly wider belt and normally run with either an open primary case or else with an abbreviated one. many of these racing bikes either run with a total-loss electrical system and charge the battery every race or else run a magneto. With either of these scenarios there is no need for a charging system. Maybe you could double check with RGM that they haven't sent you the wrong kit.
dave M said:
Has anyone else had this experience?

I've bought parts from RGM (generally because they are a bit cheaper) and as far as I can recall I've never had a problem with anything not fitting. I have also heard of Norvil (Norvil Motorcycles) belt kits that haven't just been a straight bolt-on fit either. They may even buy in these belt kits from the same supplier (Heyward)?

my supplier says they dont sell a race kit and rgm's website says they dont.

monday ill have to sort it out with a overseas call to rgm
Driggs said:
my supplier says they dont sell a race kit and rgm's website says they dont.

RGM's more comprehensive 2006 paper catalogue doesn't list a specific racing kit, only different versions of the 32mm Synchroflex kit for various applications Commando-Commando Mk3-Dominator.
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