anyone want to come to ct???

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Jul 18, 2005
finally got the bike up and running.. sort of.

cleaned out the carbs, drilled out blanking plate.

ran.. rough but ran.

now i just have to fine tune it.. where my patience wears thin.

anyone want to come to Connecticut and help me sort it out for a couple of hours. Ill meet any and all of your demands!

or let me know where you think i should start
boyer ignition
single coil
new plugs
sparx 3 phase alt

btw. installing clear oil lines is not the best idea. theres some murky shit floating around and im going to have to change the oil 10 times in the first 100 miles i have a feeling until its clean

isnt have the clear lines good then because if you didnt have clear ones you would not have known there was shit in the system and usually u only have a clear return line so you can see if the pump is working. Send me some pics of the bike here
im glad i have the clear lines. i was saying it sarcastically. ill get you some pics in a couple of days
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Can you find a local Norton owner's group? I found that to be a huge help when I realized my ebay special had a few "issues". :roll:

good luck and don't give up,
I would be very cautious about using plastic oil lines. In the NOC Commando Servive Notes, Tim Stevens (ex Factory Engineer) makes reference to clear breather pipe melting on 200,000 series motors. Obviously, the breather will run hot but so will the oil return line.

If you are using it, I think you should certainly check it's temperature suitability.

Personally, I stick with the black herringbone reinforced hose on the basis that it is tried and tested.

I suspect that you're in for quite a hard time running a Commando if you don't enjoy fettling and tuning. Most of us are compulsive tinkerers :)

these hoses should be ok with the temperature, but i have warned myself to keep a close eye on them.

as for tinkering, i love tinkering. i love tuning and i love playing with my bike. lately things outside of my bike world have been crazy, so im a little stressed out, which for me, translates to being a lil short tempered when it comes to certain things. today im going to sit down and go thru everything nice and slow.

I understand what you're saying.

Make yourself a pot of tea (or pour a beer if you prefer), turn a box upside down and just sit down and look at that wonderful Gothic monstrosity of an engine.

When you feel ready, start on one thing at a time and work methodically.

I had a wiring problem last year (well, it was actually two problems intermittently) and I was reduced at one point to stomping through the house mumbling "I can't do it any more, I've lost it"

It's a great feeling when you sort it isn't it ?
2 days ago when i started the bike up i almost fell of the bike in excitement.

thats one reason i was so distraught when it didnt run smooth. i mean i just replaced everything! it should just start up and go! haha

i have a nice milk crate that has a nice imprint of my ass on it. thats a good place to sit and start going thru things
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