Anyone run Nology Hot Wires?

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Jun 14, 2007
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Anybody tried these on a Commando? I have a set I bought for my wife's Bonnie then decided against using. Thinking of giving them a shot on the Commando. Thanks - Brian
Says their competitor, Magnecor. May be right, but consider the source...
Can't see where they would hurt or help. If you've got 'em try 'em. I don't think a Norton ignition system, even with electronic ignition is sophisticated enough to see the difference (if there is any).

I have a roll of Packard 440 solid copper core wire and make my own. Cheap and effective.
I have 8 mm coppers, relatively new, on there myself. so will probably leave them unless convinced of some benefit - or at least, no demerit - to the Nologys. They do LOOK trick, though....!
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