Any shops in London with Norton parts?

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Sep 26, 2007
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I am in London for the weekend and with the dollar/pound exchange rate, would like to browse around for a few odds and ends for my Commando. But can't seem to find any shops in or near the city.

It's ten years since I've been in london, but I used to get my parts from Russell Motors in Battersea. They might sell them tax free if you're taking them overseas.
As pommiejohn said, there is Russel Motors and also within the London area (within the M25) there is Carl Rosner;

Russell Motors
125-127 Falcon Road
London. SW11 2PE
TEL: 020 7228 1714
FAX: 020 7924 4273


Carl Rosner Ltd.
Station Approach
Surrey CR2 0PL
TEL: (0)20 8657 0121
FAX: (0)20 8651 0596
Thanks Reggie and Pommiejohn.

I was at Russell Motors yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately they had nothing on my shopping list (front mudguard, head gasket, rear sets, etc.). They said they have more stock for older Norton singles than they do for Commandos. Hmm....

I suppose I could have started a lengthy discussion on the logic of such a specialization, but who am I to tell them anything.

It's too late in the afternoon to make it down to Carl Rosner's before closing time.

Ah well, I can always shop the old fashioned way when I get back to the US - via the web. Just thought it would be fun to poke around a genuine Brit motorcycle shop and discover some treasures for my Mark 3 - especially with the dollar relatively high against the pound.

Thanks again. Keith
There's a shop in east london , imaginatively called, The Motor Cycle Shop.

Address is 214-218 High Road Leytonstone, Leytonstone
London, E11 3HU

phone number 020 8534 2711

No idea on what bits they have fo MkIIIs but they've always come up trump for my 72 Interstate
Is Comerfords still alive? They are/were in Thames-Ditton not too far south of London. I bought my Norton there in '72 with a friend from school. We got there early and had to wait around all day for them to have them ready for us. We drank our first tea in the little shop across the street. Two crazed Yanks on the loose!

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