Any members near Santa Barbara, CA? Need a favor...

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You could try these guys

I live in So. Cal., but not really close to Santa Barbara, and I wouldn't claim to be an expert even in my wildest dreams.

But, if you want someone knowledgable to check out your bike it might be time to consult a professional. British Motorbikes of North Hollywood (818) 506-4022 did some work on my bike and got it running very sweetly. Not cheap, but pretty good I think. It cost about $400 to do s full service on my bike: i.e brake and safety check, change all oils, set my ignition timing and dial in my twin Amals, which I had struggled with.

You could also check out the SCNOC vendors web site at They list 4 Aces Cycle Supply in Pacoima. I don't know anything about them except that they seem relatively close to Santa Barbara.
Anyone who owns a Norton will go to school. Schools starts upon acquiring one. Graduation is upon selling or giving up on them. Tuition is very expensive.

P.S. There are no short courses. Weekends and nights are dedicated to school.
hi i live in sb have a 72 combat dont know much but i could fire it up! mike
Hey preston, I sent you a PM. That would be great to come see your bike!
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