An electrical problem solved.

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Feb 14, 2004
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I thought i would post this since i actually solved an electrical gremlin for once. :shock:

The problem was a charging light (RGM type) which rarely went off and not at consisitent revs, might even go off for a while and then come on again at same revs - but the battery did not go flat although i was sometimes getting some kick back on cold starting (Boyer MkIII) and i was not using the lights much. Checking across the battery with a multimeter showed the charging light to be correct, rarely above 12.5V at any revs.

An electrical problem solved.

This was found to be the culprit - the fuse had a scrap of metal (part of the wire cap that came off?) between its base and the cap on the wire, which seemed to be getting hot and trying to escape out the side of the fuse holder. I replaced it with a blade type fuse because the pictured fuse holder could not be opened and because the blade type are more easily bought - and instant success. :D
Dissection after removal showed the source of the problem.
I also had the same type of problem, I was riding on the freeway and it started cutting out and then just went dead, As I looked at the fuse it was blown. And the contacts inside the fuse holder was showing signs of arching inside. A buddy had a couple of fuses with him and gave me one and that is when I noticed the size difference of the fuses. It was a new harness and just had the wrong fuse from the factory in it. It was shorter than it should have been, Never had a problem since, Chuck. :roll:
Interesting - i might have got your fuse. The fuse that came out was still functioning but the metal inside the glass was buckled as though it had be shortened - crushed.
This too was on a new harness.
I would think the longer fuse would be the right one, What I think was the problem with mine was with the fuse so short it didn't have enough spring tension on the fuse and that was what was causing the arching. The harness was from England but just not from Norton. Chuck.
Doesn't pay to crow about your victories does it, took a long lunch yesterday and rode out with a few mates who are still holidaying.
Great ride out on 828cc of fun, good food coffee and chat, half way home down to 414cc, that lovely sound of a single pity i was on a twin and surprising how well it pulls on one cylinder.
Haven't restarted yet but have carefully turned it over with the kickstarter and getting an interesting little tick/click from inside the engine on every second push.
The adventure continues - at least the forecast has some rain this weekend.
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