Amal Tickler problem

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Dec 31, 2005
Got the whole thing together (i'll post pics later tonight)
and the Right carb is leakin like a stuck pig!

I double checked and it is comming out of the tickler...

Any fixes? There are no o-rings or serviceable parts listed in the man.

Thanks in advance!!

I will also post pics of the underside of the tickler later tonight..
problem is not going to be sealing of the tickler, but fuel level in carb wrong, so look for damaged float, needle valve or adjustment of fuel height. For a quick check of valve take off float bowl & gently push up on float & see fuel cuts off with very little pressure. New float needles have viton rubber tips which seal well and cost not a lot!
those are the tips I got on there now.

So it could be a damged float then..

I hope so!!

could it be anything else???
The float needle might not be in the slot in the float where it should be, the gasket could be holding the float down, trim those gaskets that hang over the back inside edge of the bowl.....more than likely....just take it apart, check all is seated correctly and that there isn't a polywog stuck in the needle seat and carefully put it straightly back up there, turn the screws not too tight, just snug...and give it a check again. Leaking floats are rare, vitron tipped needles normally seat nicely and the usual problem is unused cranial capacity...rather than mechanical failure..... :wink:

PS...check the tickler has a nice spring action and doesn't stick in the down position too.... :D
Yeah she is free movin that was the first thing I checked.

Tomorrow I wil check the neede, seat and all things float related.
I just went through this myself and it turned out the float had taken on gas and wouldn't float high enough. If the float is yellowed hold it to the light and look for an air bubble moving around in it, or compare its weight to the other one that works well. Once I replaced mine the bike ran fine.
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