Amal jets

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Jan 15, 2006
I realize this is not a classified advert listing. But, I have a collection of Amal main jets, and don't know where to list them for sale. Any ideas? Thanks. (still cleaning up the garage :lol: )
Amal main jets


You can post a free ad on the Northern California Norton Owners Club website
Better yet go the the XIXth annual All British Clubman's Show on March 25 from 8:00am onward at the San Jose Fairground on Tully Rd. If you're riding a Commando or any Norton, you should think about joining the local club. See our table at the show. I'll at the table between doing my judging job and looking for a good deal on some parts.
Sorry, it's been about 20 years since I've owned a Norton. Close to that since I wrenched on one, also. Won't be looking for one in the near future, although later, perhaps. Really loved those bikes.
I was a member in the late'70's to early '80's. Is Maya still there? I think she's member #9 ? (founding member)
Might be able to make the show, not sure at this time.
Don't have a running bike at the moment :cry:
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