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Jul 1, 2008
So how many Alberta riders do we have here? What city are you from:

I am from Edmonton
I have a 850 mkIII with electric start (love that little sissy button) and live in Calgary. This Thursday there is a gathering here in Calgary from 13 Norton owners. I'm sure there are a lot more in Calgary (what should be the ratio with 1 million people living in this town?)

Lots of people that arehaving a Norton just sitting in their garage doing nuttin then gathering dust unfortunately....

Keep them riding until the roads wear out!

Josh de Zwart
Saskatchewan here, but come next spring and summer the MKIII will be ready for some interprovincial riding. I'm only about an 8 hour ride from you guys in Calgary and Edmonton.
I'm about 30 mins north of edmonton as well!! sadly not the Canadian one.

Is anyone gong to the Edmonton toy run this Sunday? There is a get together after at the Afterdark shop.
Dian and I probably will. My carb bowl vibrated off going up hwy 2 last weekend though so need a rebuild first. Isn't running very well after I limped it home and out it back together.

As such, I will probably bring my KLR but Dian will have his 850.
could not make the after party party today sorry guys, had family obligations, but there were 7,000 riders today a nice site to behold.
Edmonton Toy Run

The afterparty was good, about 100 bikes. Free beer and burgers. The folks from Afterdark put on a class showing.
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