Airbox front panel variations

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Dec 19, 2004
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I have recently exchanged a few emails with a fellow from Australia regarding the installation of a new airfilter. He ended up have to undo the carbs in order to get it together. On his 74 Commando the front airbox panel has some good sized metal tubes welded to the inner surface which prevented him from sliding it between the carbs and the filter element. I checked on my 74 850 and my panel had no such tubes. He has recently been told that the tube addition was called a "mute". Which I assume was added at some point in Commando production to perhaps quite induction noise??? Could any of you knowledgable folk share any info on this matter?
It was my understanding that these air box plates were unique to the '73 MkV 750's. I have two of these and both have this style front plate. It is a B@#ch to get it mounted. You must assemble the front plate, element and screen, then fish it between the carbs, primary case, and frame member. I don't see how unbolting the carbs could make it easier.

A quick look at the parts book shows the earlier 750's and the '73-'74 850's should have the "non-muted" front plate. Perhaps this fellows '74 is a left over '73 750 registered as a '74? That is quite common here in the US. Of course, after all these years, it could simply be that the original was lost and replaced with one from a '73 750.
Hey pulling the left hand carb allows you to tip the thing in place and saves a lot of trouble. Two nuts and a gasket not a hassle. Just don't over tighten the carb body on reinstall.
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My 1973 850 interstate has the 'Mute' inside the original air box. Yes a real pain to replace the filter. I have since changed to a K&N Pod filter just hangs off the carby's. Real easy to install & remove to check slide position and wash the foam. :lol:
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