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Feb 4, 2008
When i bought my my bike, i got a brand new set of AE pistons to the finish honed cylinders. The pistons are '020 over and are flat top style. My problem is, the circlips that were original delivered with the pistons wont fit ( they are made from wire with 2 mounting ears )the two ears are compressed together and it wont fit in. The groove seems to me like a rectangular stye, not round like the wire! I have mounted a lot of different circlip in my life, including spirolocks, segering or simple wire circlips, but no one of them ugly looking clips !
Does anybody remeber how his clips looks ? By the way, i dont like the style of these slugs....

Thanks for your efforts
AE (Hepolite) pistons generally have Seeger circlips.

If as you say, the circlip grooves in your pistons are square cut, then Seeger circlips should be the ones to use.

I checked a spare set of brand new AP pistons that I have in my spares supply - which are still in their original packaging, the circlip grooves are square, and the circlips contained in the original packaging are Seeger type.
Thanks you saved my night! Seeger circlips sounds great, i'm not stupid :D.
Such things makes me crazy, you got the parts in stock, take it, want to mount it and :roll:

Thank you
I've never seen anything other than Seegers on AE / Hepolites. Bent wire is for Japanese 2-strokes.
Yes, I have the wire circlips in my 2-stroke race kart ( italsystem) and in my 50cc pocket bike !

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